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0007787ScribusColor Managementpublic2014-07-14 17:04
Reporterfaceman Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformPCOSubuntuOS Version8.10
Product Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0007787: Hang on startup when sshfs connection open in home dir
DescriptionWhen I have an sshfs connection open in a directory in my home dir, Scribus "hangs" while looking for color profiles (I assume it's actually searching the sshfs dir, as the readout on the terminal shows multiple files from the share having been checked as profiles).
Steps To ReproduceConnect a directory in your home dir to an ssh account using sshfs, start Scribus. (It may only happen if the ssh account has lots of files/directories).
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2009-02-11 14:02

manager   ~0021106

where exactly did you mount your sshfs dir? Does it freeze with any sshfs mounted?


2009-02-11 23:28

administrator   ~0021107

I dont think we have any way of checking if a dir is local or remote once it is mounted.


2009-02-12 01:03

reporter   ~0021108

It was mounted at /home/<home>/sshfs/

Does lcms poll every directory in <home> for possible profiles? That seems a bit extreme if it is true. If it is not, I'd say this is a bug.

I tried today from a different box and it didn't do the same thing, but it was also with a different mount.


2009-02-12 07:54

administrator   ~0021109

On Linux, scribus search for icc profiles in following directories :
That's all


2009-02-12 08:14

manager   ~0021110

Last edited: 2009-02-12 08:14

facema, can you try to run scribus under strace in terminal, please? It could help a bit (let's hope).

strace path/to/scribusexecutable/.../scribus

Then look into its output and/or send it here.


2014-07-08 03:39

updater   ~0032570

faceman, please follow-up. Can you still reproduce this?

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