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0007799ScribusCanvaspublic2016-02-14 13:53
Reportermray Assigned Tochristoph_s  
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PlatformGNU/LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version8.10
Product Version1.3.5svn 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0007799: bigger canvas scroll area
DescriptionSometimes you need to be able to scroll further "outwards" of your document.
For example if you want your properties palette to appear outside of the page:
it is impossible to do so in my example (see image).

I would like to be able to scroll outside the document until any page elements are "almost" out of canvas.
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related to 0011379 confirmed Default value for Scratch space should enable full horz scroll 


2009-02-16 10:12


scroll.png (329,837 bytes)   
scroll.png (329,837 bytes)   


2009-02-16 14:06

reporter   ~0021158

This is already possible. See Document Properties -> Display -> Scratch Space.


2012-09-02 22:37

reporter   ~0028893

imho it is not a fix to have an option that can be set to make something basic like scrolling work 100%.
It should *always* be possible to scroll the page anywhere until there is no single pixel of page content on the screen.
This should be independent of:
* page format
* page size
* default "scratch space" settings.

the current behaviour leads to absurd situations like this:
right side of the screen renders almost the complete A2 Page (zoomed out) + I simply CANNOT scroll it to the left side of my screen!


2012-09-03 07:39

manager   ~0028899

fully agree with mray.
just one thing: we probably want to let the user move until there is 1 single pix of content on the screen left, not none :-)


2013-10-18 20:55

reporter   ~0030741

This seems like a low hanging fruit but is a major annoyance.
Therefore I humbly ask to give it a priority boost - at least towards other "minor" issues.

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