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0007862ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2009-03-18 00:30
Reportercbradney Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.3.12 
Target Version1.3.3.13Fixed in Version1.3.3.13svn 
Summary0007862: Arrows are not affected by line styles
DescriptionWhen drawing a line with an arrow (begining or end) and applying a style to it, the arrow is not affected by the style (neither thickness of the line nor the colour).
It seems that the arrow keeps the values defined in the properties panel.
Steps To Reproduce1. Draw a line
2. Create a line style (10pts, red)
3. Apply it to the line
4. Select an arrow : you barely can see it because of the thickness of the line
5. Go to ->properties->line
5.1. select "no style"
5.2 change the thickness manualy, the arrow is updated
5.3 apply the style again the arrow stays with the thickness defined manualy (overriding the style)
Additional InformationIf you change only the thickness and apply the style again, the style colour *seems* to be applied (it is updated on the canvas), but is not exported in the pdf (meaning the line may be red with a black arrow in the pdf)--> The colour is the one selected in the properties panel


[22:50] <unapiedra> I created a poster/document
[22:50] <unapiedra> 1.3.3.
[22:50] <MrB> 1.3.3. what?
[22:50] <unapiedra>
[22:50] <MrB> and on what platform?
[22:50] <MrB> k
[22:51] <unapiedra> linux/kubuntu
[22:51] <unapiedra> intrepid (I think)
[22:52] <unapiedra> I created several lines with arrows at the end
[22:52] * yemanja has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[22:52] <unapiedra> I created a line style (giving me a yelow line) and applied that to the lines
[22:52] <unapiedra> the arrows I had to set manually
[22:53] <MrB> christoph_s, u probably know best here ?
[22:53] <unapiedra> the arrow-heads appear yellow in scribus but when I exported it to PDF they are black
[22:54] <unapiedra> and I tested it with various PDF-viewers (Acrobat Reader v5, okular, xpdf)
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related to 0007722 closedfschmid Arrows are not affected by line styles 



2009-03-11 21:29

viewer   ~0021280

Franz can this be fixed so we can release 13313 ?


2009-03-12 22:02

administrator   ~0021286

This is not fixed. Try the following:

1) Create a line with arrows

2) Create a line style with another colour

3) Apply the line stlye

---> The colour of arrows is _not_ updated.


2009-03-13 08:32

administrator   ~0021291

The colour of the line style can't be applied to the arrow, the arrow will always get the "normal" stroke color. Thats because line styles can have more than 1 color. How would you draw an arrow with more than 1 color? With the current solution the display on screen and the output to PDF and PS is the same.
Btw: its better than in Inkscape, there arrows are always black (Just like Henry Ford, "You can have any color, if its black"


2009-03-13 18:29

administrator   ~0021296

This needs fixing... as per jghali's suggestion as the best shot as described in 7722


2009-03-18 00:30

administrator   ~0021353

Tested, fixed. Thanks!

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