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0007863ScribusGeneralpublic2009-04-03 19:58
Reporterale Assigned Tocbradney  
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Product Version1.3.3.12 
Target Version1.3.3.13 
Summary0007863: Page margins change after reopening file
Descriptionmsjs says:

I'm new to Scribus, I downloaded and installed a week ago so maybe I'm holding my tongue wrong. I'm using on Windows XP. I've got a template for 12 labels on an A4 sheet. The template is Landscape. When I create a new document from it and save it the margins appear to stay as they should be, all 4.00 mm. But the first time I open the new document, the margins are 3.18 mm for the left, right and top but the bottom is.
Additional InformationAlso, even if the margins look right, when I veiw the "Manage Page Properties" they are as shown above. If I correct the margins, save and close, and then reopen the new document, the "Manage Page Properties" are again wrong. If I go to "Document Setup" I have 4.00 mm all round.

My printer is capable of printing 3.387 mm from all edges so it is not coming from there. Where the heck are these settings coming from? I've searched for the string "14.11" through all the areas I know Scribus has files in the hope of finding maybe a conf file or something and found only a readme.txt.
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2009-03-11 21:33

viewer   ~0021281

can you upload a test case file ?

2009-03-12 08:48


Label-6x2-Back.sla.gz (10,477 bytes)


2009-03-12 08:48

administrator   ~0021282

Here is one.


2009-03-13 01:46

administrator   ~0021287

[02:43] <msjs> yup, odd is the word. Use the file as a template, create new from template, save, close, reopen, wallah margins stuffed


2009-03-13 01:46

administrator   ~0021288

Same in


2009-03-13 01:50

administrator   ~0021289

Works fine in 1.3.5svn, though.


2009-03-24 19:52

administrator   ~0021401

14.111 is 40pt.

I am unable to reproduce this with a new document.... ?


2009-04-03 19:58

administrator   ~0021464

Unable to reproduce with a new file.. resolving this.

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