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0007871ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2019-03-13 16:08
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Summary0007871: Very strange behavior of spell checker if text is hyphenated
DescriptionI tried spell check on 2 small examples (English and Russian). I have problems after soft hyphens insertion.

1) English example. Dictionary is en_US/en_US/*/60. I inserted soft hyphen into word 'result'. Speller thinks that this word is wrong and suggests to change it to the same word. After replacement soft hyphen is removed. So, I think, better is to remove soft hyphens (and possibly other special characters) before send word to aspell.

2) Russian example. Dictionary is ru-ye/ru/ye/60. Text contains typos. If I start spell check, it gives message box 'Spelling check complete'. I press 'Ok'. Spell check shows its dialog, and shows part of word '????????????????' ('?????????????') as incorrect word. Where are first characters of this word? I press 'Ignore'. Speller shows message box 'Spelling check complete'. I press 'Ok'. Speller finishes. Why it doesn't check rest of text?

Last, speller doesn't do something if I press 'Add word' button. What is wrong?
Steps To ReproduceSee description and examples
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has duplicate 0011991 closedjghali Wrong detection of spelling errors due to conditionnal hyphens 
related to 0007876 closedsubik Changing text with the spellchecker is not recorded as a document change 
related to 0009988 new Search and replace doesn't ignore soft hyphens 


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See also 0009988: Search and replace doesn't ignore soft hyphens


2019-03-13 16:08

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yes, scribus should strip the soft hyphens before passing the text to the spell checker. (and probably also for the search and replace, too).

the question is: what to do with the soft hyphens, when the word is returned checked? should they simply get discarded? automatic hyphenation should be applied?

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