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0009988ScribusGeneralpublic2016-01-20 01:45
ReporterDooFi Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformOSWindows XPOS Version
Product Version1.4.0svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0009988: Search and replace doesn't ignore soft hyphens
DescriptionMy entire text is riddled with soft hyphens, so search and replace is pretty much useless to me.
Steps To Reproducetype "Schutt"
press ctrl+shift+-
type "haufen"
see "Schutthaufen"
search for "Schutthaufen"
find nothing


related to 0007871 assignedcbradney Very strange behavior of spell checker if text is hyphenated 
related to 0002635 closed Special characters, when copied to search dialog and searched, are not found in the text 
has duplicate 0012566 closedjghali Search & Replace of words containing soft hyphens 
child of 0012755 new Metabug: Search & Replace (1.5.x svn) 



2011-05-16 12:59


search-softhyp.patch (630 bytes)
Index: Scribus/scribus/search.cpp
--- Scribus/scribus/search.cpp	(wersja 16619)
+++ Scribus/scribus/search.cpp	(kopia robocza)
@@ -407,6 +409,8 @@
                        if (SText->isChecked())
                                QString chstr = Item->itemText.text(a,1);
+				if (chstr == SpecialChars::SHYPHEN)
+					continue;
                                if (CaseIgnore->isChecked())
                                        chstr = chstr.toLower();
                                found = chstr == sText.mid(inde, 1) ? true : false;
search-softhyp.patch (630 bytes)


2011-05-16 13:01

developer   ~0026210

I upload small patch for fix that situation.
Not perfect because founded text is selected after SoftHypheen special char, not from start of searched text.
Searching is little complicated routine in Scribus and I dont understand well what is happen there.
Someone could fix selection issue later.


2014-06-10 06:45

developer   ~0032060

see also 0007871: Very strange behavior of spell checker if text is hyphenated

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