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Summary0007932: Is it possible to make line breaking algorithm more sophisticated
DescriptionCurrent line breaking algorithm divides text into lines in points where space locates only. I think it will be good to add some additional points (they can be listed in some option list), for example, after en-dash and em-dash (this is useful in intervals, for example 123--456; 456 can be placed on next line). In this case if we see thin space after dash, it's length at the end (or at the beginning) of line must become 0.

Next, what about follow rule: hyphenation must be disabled at the end of page (every or odd only)/column/frame? This is common requirement for high-quality books.

Third, what about rule, according which spaces in justified paragraph must be equal? I understand that this is impossible as is, but lines can be calculated in paragraph as whole like TeX do.

Problem is follow. If we set hyphenation limit to 4 successive hyphens, we'll have 4 lines with normal spaces (with hyphens) and line with wide spaces (without hyphen) in current version. But it's better to insert line breaks in other places in first lines to make spaces in them a bit wider. In this case spaces in 5th line will be narrowed.

These rules can highly increase visual quality of text typesetted in Scribus.
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2017-06-22 19:40

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FWIW as partial and rather inconvenient workaround (I used it to break text into narrow column on book cover) is to use render frames. If you are fluent with LaTeX, you can set various options to match styles used elsewhere (font, size, color, language, linespacing), set pagesize to the frame width and have the output embedded in the resulting PDF as PDF (not rasterized); if you use LuaLaTeX and microtype package, you can enable protrusion, tracking and expansion for high-quality paragraph break.

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