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0007986ScribusUsabilitypublic2015-06-26 21:40
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Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0007986: add "sectioning" into Document Setup > Sections
Descriptionadd sectioning into Document Setup > Section

 - add new column "sectioning" (by number; 1st could be Part, 2nd Chapter, 3rd Section etc.)
Additional InformationScribus should sections numerate automatically but according choosing style. For example Chapters are A, B, C, sections are 1, 2, ... => complete name of numerate: A.1, A.2, A.3 ; B.1, ...

The name of sections (any level) should be added to Insert > Character > Name of Part, Name of Chapter, Name of Section etc... This function could spare a lot of time in document preparation.

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2009-06-18 12:27


TOC1.png (216,094 bytes)   
TOC1.png (216,094 bytes)   


2009-06-18 12:28

reporter   ~0021973

Whole system of table of contents and page numbering should be simplified. Please see added picture.

 - The name of sections (any level) should be added to Insert > Character.
 - After the save as PDF > Include Bookmarks, In PDF there would be the bookmarked table of contents with their levels. (It is possible to see in Adobe Reader in the left side)


2015-06-26 21:40

updater   ~0035532

Assigned to 1.6 milestone just to keep track of this

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