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0008041ScribusStylespublic2009-05-17 20:27
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Product Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0008041: disallow applying char to whole text frame
Descriptionwhen you select a text frame but no particular text, and then apply char style, it add the char style to the whole text of all linked frame. While this feature seems logical when applying para style, it does not when applying char style.
The error is easily done and with no undo, the whole cahr styling process is to be redone.
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2009-05-15 16:32

administrator   ~0021740

The problem is that the language settings are a part of the char style. Don't you think it would be better to fix undo?


2009-05-15 17:19

reporter   ~0021744

Yes if there were an undo, that would be fine, but you told me that the undo in text frame would not come soon. Whatever the solution is, this must be a priority I think, for those who work with text a lot, this is almost essential. I start sweating whenever I start applying char styles.


2009-05-16 14:47

manager   ~0021760

about language settings: i don't think applying char styles to multiple frames is the good way to handle the language.

you should apply the language through the char tab in the paragraph style if you want change whole paragraphs...

i'm with alexidola here... :-)


2009-05-16 15:10

administrator   ~0021761

A same paragraph can contains words in several languages requiring different hyphenation. So setting language through paragraph style is certainly not the way to go.


2009-05-17 20:27

administrator   ~0021772

Well, since each paragraph style also has a charstyle, it makes sense to define the overall language there. You can still select single words and set another language with direct formatting.

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