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0008042ScribusShape Drawingpublic2016-05-05 15:55
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PlatformLinuxOSKubuntuOS Version9.04
Product Version1.3.3.12 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0008042: Origins of straight line objects are calculated incorrectly
DescriptionWhen drawing straight line objects, it seems as though Scribus thinks the center of the line is 0.5 points beside the actual center of the line.
Steps To Reproduce1 - Draw a horizontal and a vertical line, both 0.5" long and 1 point thick using the "Insert Line (L)" tool.
2 - Draw a 0.25" wide and high circle with no fill colour with a 1 point thick line.
3 - Select all three objects and use the "Align and Distribute" dialog box to center all three objects both horizontally and vertically to the center of the page.
4 - Notice how the center of the lines do not run through the center of the circle. However, notice one edge from each of the two lines does go through the center of the circle.
5 - using the measurements tool or XY coordinate display verify that the intersection of the two line edges is at the center of the page
6 - decrease the thickness of the two lines to 0.1 points. The problem now is even more obvious
7 - repeat the horizontal and vertical centering using align-and-distribute. Notice how the lines don't move their position.

Conclusion: Only when the line is 1 point thick does the edge go through the center of the page. It seems like Scribus thinks the center of the line is 0.5 points beside the actual center of the line.
Additional InformationThis misalignment occurs with lines of any thickness or length.
You can also try aligning rotated lines. If they're 1 point thick, one of their edges will go through the center of the circle.
This problem does not happen with straight Bezier lines.

I have attached a file which contains two lines, two circles, and a square. All of them have been centered on a 10" by 10" page. Zoom in to see the misalignment.

I talked with christoph_s on the #scribus freenode IRC channel who verified this problem and told me to file a bug report.
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