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0008136Scribus3rd Partypublic2017-07-08 13:56
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Summary0008136: XeLaTeX
DescriptionI have managed to get XeLaTeX working (after a fashion) in Scribus by using a modified version of 100_latex.xml. I don't know anything about XML editing and the attached file, which I've called 600_xelatex.xml, is a mess, but it works for me and allows me to produce nice text using system fonts, for embedding in exported PDFs. It is, however seriously flawed.

This isn't a bug report as such, but someone on the Scribus IRC channel suggested that I file it as such, I hope this is the right thing to do.
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2009-06-10 21:50


600_xelatex.xml (3,840 bytes)


2009-06-13 11:22

administrator   ~0021930

Thank you for this config.
I tried the file and it works. However I'll have to add a option to comfortably select fonts and also I have to add the symbols again. Currently the XML config doesn't support selecting system fonts, so it will have to wait for the next release.

2009-12-01 19:49


150_xelatex.xml (40,902 bytes)


2009-12-01 20:16

reporter   ~0022905

I added my config, which is based on the LaTeX config of 1.3.6svn
It wold be great if there were XeTeX options in the gui.
Like selecting Fonts, showing all system fonts and maybe other options.
Here is the documentation for fontspec:


2014-07-26 00:32

updater   ~0033012

Herm, what's the status on this?


2017-07-08 13:56

reporter   ~0044141

IMHO this should be closed, I was using LuaLaTeX with render frames, and no problem at all, just after assigning lualatex as executable to run, instead lf pdflatex. Font selection etc manual but that feels like beyond the scope now.

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