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Summary0008671: investigate plasTeX for full latex import
DescriptionPlasTeX ( parses LaTeX documents (using TeX-like parser) and converts them to its internal DOM, outputting to XML / DocBook / plain text. Some LaTeX packages are supported. Plastex is written in python, which is an advantage as python is already used for scriting.

Output from plasTeX (XML, DocBook or write custom format renderer) could be then imported to Scribus transparently, making possible support for LaTeX not only on the frame level (already possible), but in longer text as well.

Another possibile use would be to write frame contents with LaTeX syntax (thus having macro-language), rather than importing from external file, and updating the rendered output upon source text change.
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related to 0013087 new PyLaTeX - A Python library for creating LaTeX files 
related to 0008136 assignedHerm XeLaTeX 



2017-07-08 13:57

reporter   ~0044142

Should be closed, render frames work nicely.


2017-07-11 21:53

administrator   ~0044165

Ok, closing then.

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