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0008168ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2009-12-06 19:47
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Summary0008168: Have image frames save their base point
DescriptionFEATURE PART OF THIS REPORT (originally taken from 0008138)

I'm currently creating some pages for a slideshow whereby images should be centrally placed. In order make them as central as possible, and so I can easily change them to different sizes, I simply set the base point to the centre and the images are displayed nicely in the middle of the frames.

However, when I close down and then reopen the document all the base points have changed back to the top-left and as such all the images are now anchored to the top-left. With a 40 page document it is frustrating have to change them all every time I open and close it.

As a frame's base point can change how a document looks, I think its value should be stored in its .sla file to allow consistency between sessions.
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duplicate of 0005662 acknowledged Positioning of image within image frames. 
related to 0008138 closedjghali Bug with image frames offsetting image in relation to the basepoint 
has duplicate 0008437 closedjghali Regression on image aligning? 


2009-11-23 00:05


Orientation Test.png (81,067 bytes)   
Orientation Test.png (81,067 bytes)   

2009-11-23 00:05


Orientation Test.sla (14,055 bytes)


2009-11-23 00:07

reporter   ~0022875

I too encountered this problem, and although it is only a 16 page document I am working on, it takes away 5 minutes each time I open it again, to find all the wrong alignments and fix them to the ones, they need to be.

For me this is not only a feature request but definitly a bug. Version is 1.3.5 svn from the Ubuntu Karmic repositories.


2009-12-06 19:47

administrator   ~0022923

This feature request is in fact a duplicate of issue 0005662

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