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0008172ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2015-11-24 01:25
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Summary0008172: automatic numbering of tables, images, diagrams... (mockup incl.)
Descriptionautomatic numbering of tables, images, diagrams...
Additional InformationIdea: What about add to Insert > Text > Table, Image, Diagram? Text item would be above Sample Text...

After the add for example Table. Scribus write Table and automatic number, for example 2-1. It is necessary to set up somewhere numbering way (Document Setup, Preferences).

Numbers: Numbering according to chapters; chapter is 1, so every table is Table 1.X or numbering within the whole document.

Space: Usually is used dot or hyphen. Table 2.1, Table 2-1.
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related to 0008394 assignedcbradney add automatic lists to Extras > Generate list of ... 



2011-01-29 17:34


Nested_styles.png (261,943 bytes)
Nested_styles.png (261,943 bytes)


2011-01-29 17:35

reporter   ~0025495

I prepared some more info to this feature.

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