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0008202ScribusFontspublic2016-12-06 03:31
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Summary0008202: Better control of available fonts
Descriptiontwo options would be great:
checkbox: use system fonts (default yes)
checkbox: use fonts in the project folder* (default yes)
Additional Information*the project folder is the folder where the sla file is stored.
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2009-06-23 13:55

administrator   ~0022011

This is the role of font managers. There are already issues for support of font managers (0003861).


2009-06-24 12:17

reporter   ~0022026

This is not just about fontmanagement!
Project A: uses _just_ Arial and Times
Project B: uses _just_ Times and Courier New
Project C: uses a special customized font from a customer (not allowed to use in other projects!)

I do not want to see fonts which I'm not allowed to use in the projects

These suggested two options could improve handling with such sitionation.
In every project you'd disable using system fonts and making scribus just use the fonts which are available in the project dir.

Now you are able to give somebody (a customer, a emplayee ..) the full project dir which include _everything_ they need to proceed the work on that project.

An additional fontmanager would just change the amount of fonts available as system fonts and concerns every project and every application currently runnung on that machine.


2009-06-24 12:30

administrator   ~0022029

Last edited: 2009-06-24 12:34

Sorry but disabling system fonts is not reasonably possible. System fonts have to be available at any time to provide default fonts and replacement fonts. Basic scenario which would not work if system fonts were disabled : open a document with some custom fonts, collect for output, delete fonts, and reopen document.


2009-06-24 13:37

reporter   ~0022030

This is a really special case of PEBKAC :-)
If the user deletes files within the project dir, he should know that this could affect the project in some way.

"Deactivate" System font for me is just, that they are not available in the font combobox.

If the "project font" can not be found you could still suggest a system font.

I do not want that exactly this feature is implemented, it should just be possible to achieve this kind of workflow in some way. May be you have a better suggestion.


2009-06-24 13:41

administrator   ~0022031

The example i gave apply to any doc with missing font.


2009-07-03 06:58

reporter   ~0022085

Ok, almost the same can be achieved by using the function "collect for output".
The only thing I'd miss is to have a document specific font set.
This could be solved by making those options also available in the document options.

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