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0003861ScribusFontspublic2016-12-08 21:39
Reportermaros Assigned Tojghali  
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OSWindows 2000OS VersionSP4 
Product Version1.3.3.1 
Target Version1.5.3 
Summary0003861: Scribus + Adobe Type Manager
DescriptionThe fonts activated with Adobe Type Manager do not appear in the font list. However they show in the 'edit text' > 'options/setting' > 'font' dialog.

Steps To ReproduceAdobe Type Manager works by simply adding (hard?) links to the font files into the C:\Winnt\Fonts directory (so you don't even need this program to reporduce this issue)
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related to 0009400 confirmed Fonts installed via shortcut not found 
related to 0005873 assignedavox Text gets truncated when using Type1 (PS) fonts 
has duplicate 0005846 closedjghali Scribus doesn't recognise type 1 fonts under windows 
related to 0011209 closed Scribus doesn't find any fonts by font rental Skyfonts 



2008-02-06 18:34

administrator   ~0018897

Reminder sent to: plinnell


2016-12-06 03:29

updater   ~0042710

See also 0011209


2016-12-07 11:54

updater   ~0042761

adding 0009400 as a related bug


2016-12-07 12:26

updater   ~0042763

Last edited: 2016-12-07 12:27

As per duplicate ticket 0005846 in the comments: 0005873:0016753:

Hi. I am not a techie but the same problem happened to me and was solved but specifying a path for the font in file:preferences (with all documents closed). I believe the PS font also needs to be installed properly:

How To Install PostScript Type 1 Fonts in Windows 2000 or Windows XP
From Jacci Howard Bear,
Your Guide to Desktop Publishing.
Stay up to date!
Windows 2000 and XP have built-in support for PostScript Type 1 fonts so the use of Adobe Type Manager (ATM) is not required. The procedure to install PostScript fonts is simple, but make a note of the tips, below.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: NA
Here's How:

   1. Click Start | Settings | Control Panel.

   2. Double-click on the Fonts folder.

   3. Choose File | Install New Font.

   4. In the Folders menu, navigate to the folder containing the fonts that you wish to install. A list of available fonts will appear in the List of Fonts window.

   5. Click on the font you wish to install or use the "Select All" button to install all fonts in the List of Fonts.

   6. Click on OK.


   1. If you are installing fonts from a CD be sure the 'Add without copying files' box is NOT checked; unless the fonts are on a located somewhere (such as a network) which you will have access to at all times.

   2. Windows Type 1 fonts have two files: PFB (printer font binary has outlines that control how the font looks) and PFM (printer font metrics has information about font spacing). Be sure you have both font files.

   3. If you currently have or previously had Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.0, 4.1, or 4.1.1 installed you may need the Adobe Deluxe Updater in order to properly use your Type 1 fonts under Windows 2000/XP. Get it from Adobe.

(from jaccie something on the web)... a common mistake is to install them through copy paste into c: fonts


2016-12-08 07:17

administrator   ~0042793

Why on earth are we discussing issues with ATM? That's history (except for OS/2 and eComStation).

I suggest closing this report, and if someone encounters issues on OS/2 or eComStation, they should file a new one.


2016-12-08 12:22

updater   ~0042795

@christoph_s so you're saying this is a non-issue? That's all i needed to hear.

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