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0008254ScribusPrintingpublic2016-05-29 08:22
Reportervictorp Assigned Tofschmid  
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PlatformLinuxOSFedoraOS Version10
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Summary0008254: Page becomes rotated 90 degrees clockwise when printing to postscript level 3
DescriptionThe same document, when printed with different postscript levels gives rotated result for level 3.
See attached collect folder with ps files included.
Is it a bug or not? Anyway its inconvenient when using prepared scripts to impose ps files and face with rotated pages.
Steps To Reproduceopen attached sla, print to file with different postscript levels and compare
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related to 0008336 new Print Offset when printing in Landscape 


2009-07-06 12:08


levels.7z (330,000 bytes)


2009-07-06 14:47

reporter   ~0022125

I dont know if this helps as you havent specified what Linux Distribution(or Windows) you are using, but be aware that Ubuntu 9.04 currently has issues with PostScript level 3 printing anyway. Printing to level 2 works fine usually.


2009-07-07 06:50

reporter   ~0022129

I have specified. See above: Linux Fedora 10.


2009-07-07 08:35

reporter   ~0022132

Hi Victor,

FWIW, when I view mantis I dont see where you specified Fedora 10 anywhere in your bug entry which is odd. Perhaps, its not showing to all the info you submitted fully.


2010-02-20 20:08

reporter   ~0023360

Last edited: 2010-02-20 20:28

I believe this happens because the postscript output is incorrect. The Postscript Printer Definition File Format Specification states:

  Width—This indicates the width of the page perpendicular to the direction
  of media feed, in PostScript default units.

  Height— This indicates the height of the page parallel to the direction of
  media feed, in PostScript default units.

The postscript file being generated by Scribus for landscape 'redefines' A4 etc as a long edge feed (A4Rotated). Because most printers are short edge feed the %%PageOrientation: Landscape comment turns the page back to portrait. The fix is simple, produce a PS file and edit %%HiResBoundingBox, %%BoundingBox, %%PageBoundingBox and %%PageCropBox so that for each the last two numbers are swapped. Then after %%Page 1 1 and save put 90 rotate 0 595 neg translate. It is tedious but works. You have a ps file which displays and prints correctly.

A4 is defined by ISO and JIS as 595 x 842 as stated by Adobe on page 191 of the Postscript Printer Definition File Format Specification.


2010-02-20 22:09

viewer   ~0023362

I will test this Monday or Tuesday with another PS3 printer.


2010-03-19 22:32

reporter   ~0023561

When I originally reported a similar issue to this it was closed as a duplicate but related to issue 0008336. I think it is more related to this issue but I've added notes and suggestions there.

In particular could anyone stuck with this issue please try the following:
1. Create a landscape doc in Scribus, print to PS and re-import it. Has it rotated?
2. View the same PS file in evince, does it look weird? - and how about print preview there.
3. Create a landscape doc in Scribus and and print to file. Compare the %%HiResBoundingBox and %%BoundingBox numbers in the PS file. Are they reversed?


2015-06-30 00:25

updater   ~0035568

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