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0008266ScribusLanguage Toolspublic2010-03-30 11:34
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Summary0008266: Hyphenate Text Automatically During Typing -> Hyphenate Text Automatically
DescriptionHyphenating via Extras->Hyphenate Text works fine (it produces single ITEXT for 1 paragraph).

But "Hyphenate Text Automatically During Typing" in document setup doesn't work at all for me. Even worse: it seems that when it is working, it still creates dozens of ITEXTs.

This option should be removed, or changed to just call Extras->Hyphenate Text automatically for new text frames (and thus be renamed to just "Hyphenate Text Automatically").
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2009-10-05 10:48

developer   ~0022620

Confirmed by me ( and another user (


2010-03-30 07:52

reporter   ~0023626

is there any reason this report isn't touched?

are you accepting patches?


2010-03-30 11:34

manager   ~0023628

basically i would say: yes.

since the team doesn't seem to be too interested in the issue, i would suggest you to make the patches for 1.5svn (the 1.3.x branch is getting stabilized for 1.4)

(if the person applying your patch feels that it can safely (and easily) backported to 1.3.x he will do it :-)

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