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0008289ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2009-07-16 07:20
ReporterMarco B Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.3.3.13 
Summary0008289: Inconsisted setting of Text Frame properties for multiple frames at once, not for all properties possible.
Description*** This is a usability issue. ***

Some of the properties for a text frame can be changed for multiple selected frames at once, other properties not. This inconsistent. It would be really helpful if ALL properties of the frames could be set "in batch" by selecting multiple frames and opening the "Properties" window and making the required changes.

For example, the current implementation of Table Frames, is actually nothing more than a grouped set of text frames. Now if you want to change the font of all the frames at once, this is no issue and it can be done by selecting all frames, and setting the font type and size.

However, if for example you want to change the very useful "Distance of Text" setting of all frames, so as to not have the text inside the frames touch with the outline of the frame, it can only be done on a "frame-by-frame" basis.

Now imagine having to do this for a 10 columns, 50 rows "table" (set of grouped text frames)... ;-(

This is just not practical, Scribus should allow ALL properties of a text frame to be edited in one go if multiple frames are selected and changes are made in the "Properties Window".
Steps To ReproduceAdd two or more text frames, select all, and for example try to change the "Distance of Text" property of the "Shape" TAB for all the frames at once. Only the first selected frame will be changed.
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duplicate of 0007773 new Possibility to apply text property changes to multiple textframes in a group or selection 



2009-07-16 07:20

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This is a duplicate of issue 0007773

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