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Summary0008356: Left/Right masterpages are misplaced after page insert
DescriptionIn the attached document (double-sided, 10 pages, with 2 masterpages created: "1" - for odd pages, and "2" - for even pages), when I insert a new page after page 1, the "even master pages becomes assigned to odd pages and vica versa".

Steps To Reproduce1. open the attached sla. Pls note page numbers in the top of the pages: odd numbers comes from masterpage named "1", and even numbers come from masterpage named "2". Everything is ok, like in a normal book.
2. Now insert ONE page after page 1.
3. See result and attachment. Page 3 now become assigned masterpage "2" that is a "left" masterpage. Inserting pages should not break the numbering layout. AFAIU, right pages (1,3,5 etc) should be allowed to have ONLY right masterpages, and left pages (2,4,6 etc) only left ones. Else adding new pages into existing document makes a real pain: after such an insert page numbering layout is broken.


has duplicate 0013206 closedjghali Deleting/Inserting single page causes Master Page left/right misalignment for subsequent pages 
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2009-08-19 05:20


wrong-master-page.jpg (43,159 bytes)   
wrong-master-page.jpg (43,159 bytes)   

2009-08-19 05:20


wrong-master-page.sla (19,085 bytes)


2013-03-03 23:04

developer   ~0029955

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Same in 1.4.3 and 1.5

The problem is that the masterpage moves along with its page, when a page is inserted before. So inserting a uneven number of page kills all masterpage layout. Solution now is to re-apply masterpages to whole document, or at least to all pages after the inserted page(s).

Note : There is allready an option "move object along with their page" in the "Page insert" dialog, but no same option for masterpages.

So as to avoid the issue described in this report and so as to bring a new usefull functionnality, there could be another option : "move masterpage along with their page". And this option would be OFF by default : the masterpages would stay in place, because this is the desired behaviour most of the time, at least on "facing pages" layout (left masterpage stay left and right stay right).

When explicitely clicked ON, this option would behave as now : moving the masterpages along with the pages.


2024-01-20 15:42

reporter   ~0050917

Not certain, but i'm not reproducing this in:
Scribus Version 1.6.1
Build ID: C--T-F-C1.16.0-64bit
Built: 7 January 2024
Companion Programs:
Ghostscript: 10.02.1
cairo: 1.16.0
Harfbuzz: 2.6.4
littlecms: 2090
podofo: 0.9.6
poppler: 0.86.1

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