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0008456ScribusGeneralpublic2017-07-13 15:26
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OSWindows XP 
Product Version1.3.6svn 
Summary0008456: Document in the center of screen (to few border space)
DescriptionWhen you zoom out, the document is not in the center of the screen when there is only one page. The border to the up left is a little bit to small, too. When you zoom out, you can't get the upper left corner of the page to the center of the screen.
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related to 0005375 new displaying selected page - centred on workspace 



2009-09-23 12:46

reporter   ~0022522

Oh. I found out that you can set the borderline of the document indirect by placing an item to the negativ side (for example Y: -200 mm)
That brings the document more to the center. Thats a workaround....


2010-06-13 23:10

reporter   ~0024081

Agree. This is an annoyance...


2017-07-13 15:26

reporter   ~0044173

One can set the size of the available grey area for the document. But even if you do, you cannot move the page where you want, and it will also move on its own, when you edit objects (like paths). This is breaking my workflow constantly.

I would like to be able to just grab the page and move it where I need it, no matter what is selected and no matter if there are objects lying outside the page or not, instead of having the software decide what I must look at, or in which corner of my monitor I am allowed to work.

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