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0000847ScribusImport / Exportpublic2004-07-11 06:54
ReporterGail Assigned Tocbradney  
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PlatformDebian (kernel 2.6.3)OSKDEOS Version3.2.2
Product Version1.2CVS 
Summary0000847: Export as PDF Does Not Save Images, Text
DescriptionWhen saving the document as PDF -- either by clicking the "Save the Current Document as PDF" button or using File > Export > Save as PDF . . . the resulting PDF document loses almost all information. Viewing with KGhostview -- Photographs placed (linked) within the document disappear, and so does all text blocks. Viewing with KPDF -- Photographs placed (linked) within the document are not sized correctly, and fonts are missing with letters placed on top of one another. Graphics created in Scribus seem to export without a problem.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a document in Scribus.
2. Create graphics using drawing tools.
3. Place linked photographs and text.
4. Click the "Save the Current Document as PDF" button OR
5. Use File > Export > Save as PDF . . .
6. Review in either KGhostview or KPDF
Additional InformationI am a graphics professional that is trying valiantly to use only Linux programs. I am an expert user of Adobe products as well as Macromedia, and would call myself an intermediate user of Quark. This program has potential but is a very long way from having the usability of any commercial software at this time.
If my feedback can be of some assistance, I would be most happy to provide help with troubleshooting, etc. If I knew how to write the programming code for this I would offer that help as well.
The very best of luck to you! Great job so far, I will be keeping an eye on this project.
Attached is the file created with Scribus. The font that was supposed to embed is Palatino (Normal).
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2004-07-06 08:30

administrator   ~0001893

Something is horribly wrong with your setup because PDF export is one of Scribus' strong points. We have people producing newspapers and magazines with it, including with PDF export, with no issue such as you describe. All my text and images appear exactly where I put them in Scribus. Did you embed the font? Can you please upload a sample Scribus file and PDF file? Also, make sure you use Acrobat Reader to make a final check. The others are not guaranteed to be presenting PDFs correctly and we have even found bugs in Acro Reader.


2004-07-06 12:53

viewer   ~0001895

From the new 1.2 docs, which are not on-line yet:

Your best viewing / printing results will be with the newest version of Acrobat Reader 5.0.8 for Linux and version 6.0+ on other platforms, where it is available. Testing has shown the Linux version is missing some functionality in the JavaScript capabilities of Version 4.05 and 5.0.8 on Linux. Some of these bugs are not present in Acrobat Reader 5.0.5+ on the Mac or Win32.

One of the challenges with PDF and EPS viewers on Linux, is that Scribus creates high end PS level 3 and PDF 1.4, with capabilities beyond most of the open source viewers. Some of these features are only supported in commercial pre-press or DTP tools. Two plus years of working with Scribus has led me to the current conclusion that the following three viewers are the most reliable at displaying PS/EPS/PDF created by Scribus:

    * Acrobat Reader 5.0.8+ for Linux - The best and sometimes the only choice for PDF viewing. Detailed notes and hints: Hidden Features of Acro Reader.
    * GSview 4.6+ - with the latest version of Ghostscript available. This combination is your best choice for viewing EPS files, PS files and most PDFs. In addition, GSview has many other very useful capabilities with add-ons like pstoedit and epstool. For more detailed notes and hints: GSview and Scribus. I consider it an essential tool for DTP on Linux.
    * Xpdf 3.00+ - This updated PDF viewer has a new rendering engine and is capable of viewing PDF 1.5 files.

If any other PDF or EPS viewer you choose cannot display PDFs from Scribus, but they do view properly in Acrobat Reader, file a bug with the upstream author. In virtually all cases I have tested, it is a limitation of the viewing application. Scribus PDFs are tested daily with specialist pre-press software to validate their adherence to the published PDF specifications.

I would also note you might find this interestnig:

Which outlines my testing of Scribus PDF's with Adobe apps plus pre-press tools like Pit Stop.


2004-07-06 16:12

reporter   ~0001899

Thank you for this excellent information. I will obtain the software mentioned by plinnell to see if I can rectify the problem.

cbradney: Do you still need me to upload a Scribus file and the resultant pdf? I did try to upload the pdf file in question when I filed the bug report but it didn't go through, I suspect the file size was too large since it was a file prepped for print.


2004-07-06 16:28

administrator   ~0001901

Hi Gail, please check with Acro Reader. If theres a problem after that, then we need a sample SLA and PDF file. Maximum file size for upload is 5mb. Please keep below that.. best suggestion: email to Please let us know when possible so we can close this when you get it working.


2004-07-06 19:00

reporter   ~0001906

Acrobat Reader: the file looks good, the fonts are embedded as needed, the images are good but the color looks like it has been desaturated overall to about 75% of the original file and that is not good.

XPDF: Everything is good there except that the transparency behind the linked logo image is black. Linked file is a tif.

Ghostview: Returned an error which I can supply if needed.

I haven't had time to try and figure out where to obtain GSview and then try to figure out how to install it once I do find it. Would anyone happen to know of a depository for apt where I might get it?

Also, does anyone know how to go about building and using color profiles (.icc/.icm) in Linux? I've asked that question a number of times with no response yet, just thought I'd ask here too.


2004-07-06 19:10

administrator   ~0001907

>Acrobat Reader: the file looks good, the fonts are embedded as needed, the >images are good but the color looks like it has been desaturated overall to >about 75% of the original file and that is not good.

You have exported to print destination .. the file is now CMYK and should be fine for printing in CMYK, depending on source images and possible printer types and colour profiles. If you want to view it only on screen, export with the screen destination.

>XPDF: Everything is good there except that the transparency behind the linked logo image is black. Linked file is a tif.
>Ghostview: Returned an error which I can supply if needed.

All broken to some extent.

Ill get Peter to reply to the rest.


2004-07-06 19:23

reporter   ~0001908

Ok, so if I am going to print to an RGB printer, such as a 6 color desktop inkjet printer, then I need to simply save the file as a high-resolution screen/web pdf, correct?


2004-07-06 19:31

administrator   ~0001910

If you have a 6 colour inkjet, you might be able to get a colour profile for it and get colour management working. The profiler software you would need is lprof, if you can find it for your distro.

AFAIK from what Peter has said is that inkjet printers are usually RGB printers that convert to CMYK for the CMYK cartridges anyway. I guess it depends if you want to do test prints or not. There are colour management docs on under documentation, but if you can get onto IRC it would be a good chance to go over it with you and Peter.


2004-07-06 20:06

reporter   ~0001914

The desktop photo printers are CcMcYK and can do some over-compensating if they are sent files as CMYK images with unpredictable results.

I would love to dialog with you and Peter in IRC about color profiling since it is a subject that I have some practical knowledge with. I have a deadline today to get this project out of the door first. Maybe later today?


2004-07-06 20:54

viewer   ~0001917


You can find me on as mrdocs. #scribus is the channel.


2004-07-06 23:09

reporter   ~0001918

Last edited: 2004-07-06 23:09

Thanks for the invite to IRC, went there and saw nothing but Spanish and I don't speak the language. It's also been 8 years since I used IRC so I'm a bit rusty.

edited on: 07-07-04 01:09


2004-07-07 17:58

administrator   ~0001926

Err.. you should not see only Spanish. If you were in the correct channel, then all you would need to do is say something in English. There should always be someone able to respond in English. Im resolving this now as we know its a viewer issue.

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