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0008490ScribusImport / Exportpublic2022-10-13 22:37
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Product Version1.3.3.13 
Target Version1.5.4 
Summary0008490: When creating layers, there is no "Prints when Visible" setting.
DescriptionWhen creating Layers, there is not a way to set the print to "Prints When Visible" for PDF 1.5. When you Export the layers, they are either always on, or always off. I'd like the option to set the PDF layer to the third option.

See the "Change print setting for a layer" description here for the desired functionality:

Steps To ReproduceCreate a document with Layers with overlapping image or text.
Turn on print for both but make the second layer not visible.
Save as a PDF, using PDF 1.5 and the Include Layers checkbox.
Open PDF in Acorbat reader and go to Layer Properties.
Print is always on.
If you print, it prints both layers even if the second is not visible.
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duplicate of 0016847 closedjghali PDFs with layers do not allow layer exclusion when printing on Mac and Windows using Adobe Reader or FoxIt PDF Reader 
child of 0003838 acknowledged Metabug: Scribus layers 



2009-10-03 22:47

administrator   ~0022603

It works exactly as expected. From your source above: "Note: In Reader, you can open the Layer Properties dialog box, but you cannot change the settings."


2009-10-04 00:11

reporter   ~0022604

Yes, but I would like the fuctionality in Scribus to set the layer to Print when visible. I do not see that ability. Scribus has on and off. There is a similar setting for the visibility in acrobat, too, called Visible when On.

Unless I am missing something Scribus does not have this option, so there is no way to turn on and off the printing of layers from Acrobat Reader in a PDF created by Scribus.


2009-10-04 03:26

administrator   ~0022606

You can set printable and visible indepent of each other:

1) printable

2) printable + visible

3) visible

So all you have to do is use 1) or 2). You can then switch visibility on or off in AR. You are asking essentially for the removal of a feature.


2009-10-04 03:46

administrator   ~0022607

You can also switch printability off layers off, and later in the Options menu for layers use "Apply Layer Overrides," which means the layers will be printed anyway (the opposite is "Apply Print Overrides," which results in layers being only visible when they are printable.


2009-10-04 07:28

manager   ~0022608

i wonder if my patch (0007767) would be of any help in that case...


2009-10-05 02:18

reporter   ~0022615

No, the printability and visibility are to seperate things. I am not asking for the removal of anything.

Ale, the patch is nice, but it does not address my issue.

Let me try again.

In the Scribus Layers window, you have a checkbox for both Visibility and Print. This means you only have two options: On and Off.

In Acrobat Pro there is a third option for both of these settings. For Visibility there is "On when visible". For Print there is "Print when visible".

Because Scribus does not these options, you cannot switch the print of layers in AR. You can change the visiblity in AR, but you cannot change the print settings. These third options allow AR to print what is visible, instead of printing all the layers that are set to "On" in Scribus.

I am asking that you add functionality. I would like the layers window options to match the drop down selection boxes that Acrobat Pro has.

You could also add the option when Exporting to PDF 1.5 to have a Print when Visible option on the layers. Again, this would need to change the Layer settings like in the link I sent from the original issue.


2009-10-05 02:21

reporter   ~0022616

Here is from the Adobe manual:
Change print settings for a layer

Click the Layers icon in the navigation panel.
Expand the layers area, select a layer, and then select Layer Properties from the Options menu. In the Layer Properties dialog box, choose one of the following from the Print pop-up menu:

Always Prints Forces the layer to print.

Never Prints Forces the layer not to print.

Prints When Visible Matches printed output to on-screen visibility.
Note: In Reader, you can open the Layer Properties dialog box, but you cannot change the settings.

Scribus has the first two settings, but not the third. That is what I would like it to have.


2012-01-26 16:26

reporter   ~0027600

The required change to the PDF file is a simple one. Omit the line "/PrintState /ON" or "/PrintState /OFF". If neither of these is set, then the layer will print when visible.


2012-03-20 00:44

reporter   ~0027830

Just thought I'd touch base and let you know there are a few end users (myself included) patiently waiting on this enhancement.

Thought you might appreciate an update that people do still want it, as it's been 3 years since Jabbro lodged the original request :).


2013-07-04 09:41

reporter   ~0030403

I also needed the "Print when visible" option for creating some PDF maps from SVG source files and I need the user to be able to print the desired layers only using Acrobat Reader.
I could not find any other software that could create such layered PDF's and since the souce code of this excellent program Scribus is free, I have made my own compillation of Scribus v 1.4, (with Viaual Studio 2008). It takes a while to sort out the many libraries and set the paths for the includes and libraries correctly, but it was not dificult, when following the instructions in the text-file.
As suggested above by Bh, in order to enable the desired feature you only need to remark the following section in the file: 'pdflib_core.cpp':
  PutDoc("/Usage <</Print <</PrintState ");
  if (ll.isPrintable)

Hope this may be implemented i a nicer way, also with a check-box on the dialog, in a future version.


2022-10-13 22:37

administrator   ~0049783

The "print when visible" behavior has been implemented as part of 0016847.

Fyi "print when visible" does not really exists in the PDF format strictly speaking. A PDF layer can only have two print states: ON or OFF. The "print when visible" is in fact a behavior implemented by the PDF viewer.

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