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0008493ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2009-10-07 20:39
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Summary0008493: Option to set default language for lorem ipsum
Description<stroke>it would be nice if the number of paragraph and the language of the lore ipsum would be separated.</stroke>

let's try to reformulate it (with the help of christoph)

it should be possible to choose the (default) language of the lorem ipsum
Additional Informationcurrently there is only a choice between manually choosing the language each time or set it to the standard lorem ipsum.

the new options could look like this:

Default Langauge [v|Standard Lorem Ipsum]
Paragraphs: [2 ^]
[ ] Always apply default values

when "Always apply default values" is checked no dialog pops up; the default values are preselected, otherwise.

... i hope it is (much) more clear now!
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2009-10-06 22:08

administrator   ~0022624

Erm.. works like that here.. both are separate gui items.. where is the issue?


2009-10-06 22:42

manager   ~0022625

Current situation

1. "Always use standard Lore Ipsum" is unchecked and "Count of the Paragraphs" is set to "10"
2. Create a text frame >> Sample Text >> A dialog pop ups and I can choose the language (default language GUI or content one) and the number of paragraphs (default as set in the settings).
3. "Always use standard Lore Ipsum" is checked and "Count of the Paragraphs" is set to "10"
4. Create a text frame >> Sample Text >> The frame is filled with 10 paragraphs of English text.

My wish:

4. and 2. are both possible usecases, but i need to select the Standard Lore Ipsum as the default one (the latin version should be the one which is preselected when the "Lore Ipsum" dialog pops up) *and* be able to set the number of paragraphs for each frame

The settings in the preferences may be something like:

Default Langauge ( ) GUI ( ) Content (o) Standard Lorem Ipsum
Paragraphs: [2 ^]
[ ] Always apply default values

--> i'm not sure if it is usefull to have GUI and content language or if we want to have a drop down list of all the available languages

Default Langauge [v|Standard Lorem Ipsum]
Paragraphs: [2 ^]
[ ] Always apply default values

i hope it's clearer now!


2009-10-07 03:26

administrator   ~0022626

I still don't get it it ...


2009-10-07 07:08

manager   ~0022627

christoph, can you tell me a way how i can get the standard lorem ipsum (the one in latin) and get prompted for its length every time i inserted the sample text?


2009-10-07 07:32

manager   ~0022628

ps.: try to create four text frames with standard lorem ipsum sample text:
- the first with one with 1 paragraph
- the second with 2 paragraphs
- the third with 3 paragraphs
- the fourth with 10 paragraphs


2009-10-07 19:42

administrator   ~0022634

you could always just insert the lorem ipsum without setting any preferences value..., selecting "Standard Lorem Ipsum" from the list.

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