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0000086ScribusGeneralpublic2003-12-15 23:14
Reportercbradney Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000086: Frames, when resized, now produce some kind of shadow when decreasing size
DescriptionReported on mailing list. Seems to have occurred since new shape code was done.
Additional InformationHello,my bug hunting session is not finished yet... the following bug is newin the 12 dec CVS tree : I does not happen with 09 dec tree (samelibs, no system change).Sorry for my bad english, I don't know much of DTP technical words inenglish :/ Anyway, here is the bug :When I move or resize a line in the Properties palette, the old redsquares that represent the line's extremities remain visible, even ifthe new ones are correctly displayed. The red lines that are displayedon a selected line react exactly the same way. It does only happen ifALL of the following conditions are verified :- zoom = 200%- resizing/moving millimeter by millimeter in the Properties paletteIt does not happen, for example, if I move a line with keyboard arrowkeys, or with Shift-Mouse_roll in the Properties palette (0.1 mm by0.1 mm). Amazing.Hints:- my window-manager is PWM, and I did not try with another one yet;- Debian Sid- QT 3.2.1- Scribus 1.1.4cvs / 12 dec.
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2003-12-15 23:14

administrator   ~0000075

Tested. Fixed.

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