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0008628ScribusCanvaspublic2012-12-31 17:45
Reportert8xt Assigned ToChelen  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformIntel, PPCOSLinux, Mac, WindowsOS Version9.10, xp/vista
Fixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0008628: Snap to objects, text frames etc.
DescriptionTurning on this feature would allow any object to snap to another object you would also be able to snap guides to the edge of objects aiding in laying out pages to later be used as master pages. This would allow you to make your layout snap guides to the objects and then clear the objects from the canvas then make the page into a master page.
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related to 0003343 acknowledged Let guides snap to objects 



2012-12-31 17:44

administrator   ~0029562

Closing as the snapping to object feature as been implemented by Chelen as part of gsoc 2012. The guide snapping to object feature is already the subject of issue 0003343.

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