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PlatformIntel, PPCOSLinux, Mac, WindowsOS Version9.10, xp/vista
Summary0008636: Drag and Drop content placement with media browser
DescriptionBeing able to drag and drop images and text into Scribus with the new Media Browser.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a new document in Scribus
2. Create text and image frames position and size them to your liking
3. Open the Media Browser by going to the menu item Windows > Media Browser
4. Navigate the directory tree in the Media Browser to find the text or images you wish to use.
5. Drag and drop images or text into the frames you have created from the right side window pane. These element will then be inserted into the frames.

Also you will find the "Scrap Book" in the "Media Browser" where you can keep elements you have created in Scribus to quickly drag and drop them in to your documents.

Optionally you can set text to be styled before being inserted into a text frame by setting this feature in the Scribus preferences panel, "File > Preferences > Tools click on the Text button and check Style before Import this will cause the Story Editor to open when you import text from the Media Browser, File menu or by right clicking the text box and selecting "Get Text" from the context menu.

Note that you can right click on any directory in the "Media Browser" and add it to the bookmarks list so that you can quickly navigate to it in the future.

Printing at a outside print house:
If you are having your Scribus publication printed at a commercial service bureau, you will need to collect all elements used in your design by going to the menu item "File > Collect for Output" choose and existing directory or make a new directory to hold all images, fonts and elements used in your publication, Scribus will then copy all these elements to the destination folder you have chosen. Copy this new folder onto CD or and external storage device and take it to your commercial service bureau for printing. You may also want to create a PDF version for printing that will allow elements in your publication not to be altered, check with your commercial service bureau for specification for creating a PDF for printing


related to 0012542 closedfschmid Picture Browser: Dragn'n'Drop doesn't work reliably 



2009-12-13 10:01

reporter   ~0022955

Compiled Scribus version 1.5 tonight. The Picture Browser looks much like what I'm describing above. I would like to encourage the team to take it the rest of the way and make the picture browser handle any media that can be imported into Scribus text, pictures, pdf, styles, pages, master pages .etc. A way to drag and drop styles onto text and image frames from the browser to elements on the canvas would be something very unique, a place to keep user defined style presets and a way to import and export these presets.

I read two Scribus reviews in Linux magazines, Ubuntu magazine being one of them, interesting read.

Awesome work Scribus team!
Have a great weekend


2019-11-13 08:28

manager   ~0047059

personally, i'm rather for removing the picture browser from scribus.

to me it looks like a poor man image and file browser.
with an over complex UI.
since i can already drag and drop files from image and file browsers into scribus i never open it.

i don't find anything in there that cannot be done with one of the many existing browsers and the few scribus actions that it contains can do be done better with other "new" scribus features.

of course, it would be wonderful to have a perfect media manager inside of scribus, but other "browsers" have set very high standards and i fear that scribus cannot compete with programs that have browsing and managing has their sole focus.
the scribus development should focus on the interactions with external browser, not in "badly" copying their features inside of scribus.

for sure. if we remove the picture browser, we have to make sure that every action in it can can still easily be done with other tools.

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