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0008644ScribusTypographypublic2019-08-07 12:31
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Summary0008644: Double line in one single line in CJK text
DescriptionSometimes a double line is written inside a single line in CJK texts. Is often used for explanations or readings, and especially in dictionaries where the space is too small for Furigana (Ruby).

For example:

This is a sample[sample means example] text.

Where the text in brackets would appear half the size and then written in two lines to save space.

I have attached an example taken inside MS Word.
Tags#pending, CJK, HOST-Oman, scribusctl


related to 0008987 confirmed Word-wrapping CJK fonts malfunction 
related to 0013612 confirmed No input method preedit when one inputs CJ text directly into a text frame 
child of 0003965 acknowledged Metabug: Support for non-latin languages 


2009-12-14 05:13


example.JPG (16,030 bytes)   
example.JPG (16,030 bytes)   


2016-01-23 21:56

updater   ~0038383

ftake, when you get a moment, can you retest this to see if it's still an issue in 1.5.1 trunk? Thanks!


2016-11-17 11:46

updater   ~0042447

@ftake ^


2016-11-17 14:05

reporter   ~0042449

This feature is not implemented at all. I think the priority of this feature is relatively lower than other Japanese features.

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