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0008675ScribusTypographypublic2017-10-28 10:11
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Product Version1.3.5 
Summary0008675: feature request: When using justified alignment, provide an option to first "stretch spaces after sentences"
DescriptionWhen looking at well-designed justified texts, an obvious preference to "stretch" spaces which end sentences is observed in preference to additional spacing between words. Adding such a feature to Scribus would allow more automatic (and self-correcting, when text frame width changes or font size changes, etc.) adherence to this preference, instead of manually selecting such spaces (made more difficult since ." and ?" and !" are sentence-ending punctuation) in a time-consuming way.
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2017-10-28 10:11

developer   ~0044608

could you provide a screenshot of "before" unsatisfaying and "after" satisfaying layout ?

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