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Summary0008808: Resolution Warning "à la Text Overflow Warning" in Image frames
DescriptionIt would be nice to show if there is an issue with resolution in an image frame by the mean of a small rectangle attached to the lower right corner of an image frame in which would appear the current resolution of the imported image. It could appear only if this resolution doesn’t meet or exceed the target resolution as set in the Prefs for the Verifyer.

As I see it, this little warning would be not more but not less intrusive than the small red square with an X that appears when there is too much text in a text frame.

To be completely efficient, this warning (as well as the one for text overflow btw) could be printable or not (Prefs settings). This way, any proofreader or quality controler or art director or editor involved in the publication could rapidly see where the issues are about image resolution (and text overflow). It would of course also warn the user right away in a smooth manner if there is an issue with the image, as used.

I think this will add efficiency to the quality control, alongside with the Verifyer. The litlle add-on I suggest is a "while we work" warning as the Verifyer pops-up later on in the page layout process. It’s exactly the image equivalent warning than the one for text.
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2010-02-24 19:03

administrator   ~0023374

Have now implemented the onscreen part of that request. But printing that warning is dangerous i think. Its too easy to forget to reset the prefs setting if you have to really print a low res image.


2010-02-25 19:58

developer   ~0023379

I understand the concern. And in fact, yes, it could be problematic if the settings in is the Prefs.

Could it be made an option only at print time or at pdf export time?

So, default is turned off but the user can turn it on for a particular print. Actually, it would always be off unless the user specifically indicates on a particular print that this one would have the warnings printed as well. Once the print/export is done, the settings goes back to "off" without the user’s intervention.

The production process implies proofreading and quality controls. This is often the task of other people who work onsite or remotely. Warn the user only is fine in situations where that person works alone or in a very small environment. This is different in larger production environments.


2014-09-18 12:11

updater   ~0033731

verdict on this issue?

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