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0008850ScribusTypographypublic2010-02-20 00:05
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PlatformIBM T61 laptopOSWindows XPOS VersionSp2
Product Version1.3.6svn 
Summary0008850: feathered and other drop shaddows
DescriptionNot a bug but an item to be added to the wishlist, which many people have been asking for. More shaddow options.
The current drop shaddow feature has a sharp edge and is of a fixed distance to the letter. Easiest at the moment is to duplicate the text and put it behind the original text offset and with the shaddow colour. But this method will still have a hard egde. To get a soft edge it'll need to be converted into an image and then process with an image software and re-imported back into Scribus. Change the size of the text and it has to be done again. So a feature like that would be nice.
Egually a shaddow mirroring like the letters stand on water / ice would be nice ... in a word more shaddow configurations.
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duplicate of 0000377 confirmed transparancy with feathering for text and objects 



2010-02-20 00:05

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This is a duplicate of issue 0000377

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