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Summary0000887: Add "Scribus Friendly" Printers to the docs
DescriptionAdd "Scribus Friendly" Printers to the docs
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2004-07-23 13:35

viewer   ~0002042

Reminder sent to mhanski, wezlo

Done :)


2004-07-23 14:11

developer   ~0002043

Last edited: 2004-07-30 07:58

Wow, what amazing speed, Peter :)

This bugnote is meant to be a container for mails from the mailing list (for easier tracking down what's been posted):

M.Hanski (Scribus Friendly Print Shops and Frienliness Levels):

W.T.Allen & M.Hanski (why we need a "Knows Scribus and supports it" Level):

P.Linell (criteria for levels of Scribus Friendliness):

LinuxLingam is going to test some print shops in India:

Lukasz Jernas will test a print shop in Poland:

Marvin Dickens (the idea of the Scribus Friendly Logo is born):

Louis Desjardins (stress on communication and producing reliable PDFs with Scribus; the idea of "PDF made with Scribus" logo that could be attached to documents):

Craig Ringer (stress on a "real DTP application" producing reliable PDFs; clear distinction between "prints PDFs without fuss" and "knows and supports Scribus" friendliness levels; he is going to help his print shop to become "Scribus aware":

M.Hanski (different logos for different purposes: "Scribus made PDF", "Scribus Friendly", and "Scribus Approved"):

edited on: 30-07-04 09:58


2005-05-10 08:25

developer   ~0004571

wiki page with promotion material (SVG, for those who want to include it in their Scribus made documents or put it on their web page):


2005-07-31 15:29

viewer   ~0005793

add new doc in manual on known friendly printers.. more listings needed

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