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0008888ScribusStylespublic2010-02-28 05:03
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Summary0008888: closing the style manager and/or saving the changes...
Descriptionthe style window is imho quite atypical:

** there is no save or cancel button, but the changes are not saved until you click "done"
** if you close the dialog by pressing on <esc>, the window is closed but the changes not saved. you can't close the window by pressing on <return> or any other shortcut (since there is no "save" button...)
** even if you have deleted a style, it won't be really deleted if you dont' press on "done" before closing the dialog: this is odd.
** actually, scribus has many windows without save or cancel button (like the master pages manager, the properties palette, the scrapbook and many more), where the <esc> key is simply used for closing the dialog (it does not mean "cancel" there)
** basically, i agree with craig (cf. bug ...) that the escape should cancel the dialog. but i can't avoid that it's also sensible to think that in style manager as is currently implemented, the esc key should simply close the dialog and not cancel the changes made to the styles.
** one way to solve the problem is to add a save and cancel button to the style manager. in this case the style manager should be split in a selector and an editor. the editor should be modal and have a save / cancel pair of buttons.
** the alternative is to leave the style manager non modal and save the changes as they are made without relying on any button or key to confirm them. this may be a resource hog if the changes imply a reflowing of many and longer pieces of text.

the case where i've most felt that the style manager does behave in an odd way is, when i noticed that styles are not deleted until you click "done" on the extened part of the window...
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2010-02-28 04:59

administrator   ~0023407

I agree that the current buttons are completely unintuitive. This has be redesigned.

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