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0008942ScribusCanvaspublic2014-10-02 21:52
Reporterzoffix Assigned Tocbradney  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSUbuntuOS Version9.10
Product Version1.3.6svn 
Target Version1.5.0Fixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0008942: Guides appear on the wrong page or invisible while dragging
DescriptionDragging a guide makes it invisible, which severely affects the ability to place it where it is needed. Dragging a horizontal guide on a double-sided document on the left hand side page, renders the guide on the right hand side page while dragging.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a ten-page, double-sided document. Drag a some guides from the left or top rulers of the document.

While dragging, guide will become invisible, or be rendered on the adjacent page.
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related to 0012373 closedcbradney "Snap to Items" guides are shown on the wrong page 
child of 0002935 acknowledgedsubik Metabug: Guide Dialog 



2010-03-17 18:00

reporter   ~0023537

Today I noticed that reproducibility is not "always", but sometimes.

Just now, on a left-hand page the guide was working fine, but when I tried to place another guide on the right-hand page, the guide was drawn on the left-hand page while dragging.


2010-03-17 19:10

manager   ~0023539

Last edited: 2010-03-17 19:11

can't reproduce with scribus-ng from the scribus repository...

such a bug may be hard to reproduce and fix.

if you can reliably reproduce it, you should write down somehow exact steps to reproduce it.


2010-03-17 21:16

reporter   ~0023541

Just built the latest build on my home box and can't reproduce.

I guess the best course of action is to close this bug.

I'll build the latest SVN at work tomorrow; if I can figure out what are the exact steps to reproduce the bug so I could reproduce it at home. I'll create a new report.


P.S.: the latest build is 1.3.7svn, yet on Mantis there's no 1.3.7svn option when selecting the option.


2010-03-18 08:36

reporter   ~0023542

Last edited: 2010-03-18 08:42

I've tried to reproduce it on 1.3.6 version (Win XP, soureceforge version added march the 16th 2010), and it seems that the guide appears on the active page :
select page 3 for example (double sided document), zoom out and drag a guide on page 4 : it appears on the right side side of page 4 while dragging. Now make page 4 active and drag the guide you've jus added, it works fine.


2010-03-18 12:21

reporter   ~0023543

Ah, yes, julien is right.

The guide is drawn on the active page while being dragged, yet is placed on the page where the mouse cursor is.

I think this was done so one could create guides in relation to objects on on adjacent pages, which is great.

If it's a simple tweak to have the guide drawn through entire canvas instead of just the active page while it is being dragged, I'd find it more useful, as it would eliminate the extra step of having to make the page with wanted object active.

If that's not something that is going to be done, then I suggest we close this report.



2010-03-18 23:59

administrator   ~0023550

>P.S.: the latest build is 1.3.7svn, yet on Mantis there's no 1.3.7svn option when selecting the option.



2014-07-28 21:40

developer   ~0033062

Here is a screencast of the issue with 1.5.0.svn (19373)


2014-10-02 21:32

administrator   ~0033876

Might be fixed now...


2014-10-02 21:52

developer   ~0033877

Indeed, fixed in 1.5.0.svn (19548).
Thanks cbradney!

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