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0008944ScribusGeneralpublic2019-09-05 09:11
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Summary0008944: Option to hide unnamed colours
DescriptionImporting several vector files results in a huge number of "unnamed" colours in the colour list, where unnamed means the colours are flagged with a random string. This can slow down the work.

I suggest adding a few options in addition to only display used colours to ease the work with solid colours imported via vector files:

[] Hide unnamed colours (note that spot colour are named colours and will therefore be shown anyway)

[] Show only default colours (note: i.e. the selected colour palette, no unnamed and no spot colours from import)

Moreover, there should be an option to merge colours with identical values, similar to the way identical styles can be merged during SXW/ODT import.
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2010-03-17 10:04

reporter   ~0023530

This would be very useful feature!


2010-03-17 11:56

developer   ~0023531

Agree it would be useful.

Question: I am not sure about the wording "Unnamed colors". Those imported colors are "named" anyway, aren’t they. Please read below for another suggestion!

The "merge color option" is a good idea imo. I think we’d need to warn the user then, that the colors in the Scrbus document could be named differently than in the original file. Only a warning. Since the colors have the same value, it’s not a big issue but maybe a good idea to point it to the user.

Some add’l notes taken from the discussion on the ML.

About colors coming from an external file imported into Scribus:

At some point in time we’re going to need to make a decision on those colors coming from an imported document and I suggest to make that decision right at import time. It’s a good thing that we can have those colors at hand. The next step is to decide how these colors will be used.

We could have a dialog showing up asking what to do with those colors: [ ] mark them as process colors or [ ] mark them as spot; mutually exclusive choice, I guess this could be a sane way to take care of the issue. Then, pursuing in Ale’s view, the user have to decide if he wants to see those colors or not in the list (but they do belong to the document once they are imported).

The Color dialog could be added one option below the actual [ ] Remove Unused:
[ ] Don’t list Imported
With the following tooltip: (Un)checking this option (un)displays the colors that have been created into Scribus upon the importation of an image file. Please note that displaying or not the colors in the color list does not affect the color itself which will still belong to the document and will remain usable at any time. This option is only there to help clean the way while working on the file.
(Or something like that.)

The warning dialog would offer the only 2 possible options:
[ ] Imported colors are CMYK
[ ] Imported colors are spot
Tooltip: The colors used in the imported file will be converted to either spot or CMYK. You will be able to change those color settings afterwards. The default value is CMYK and should be changed only if you know what you are doing.


2010-03-17 12:02

developer   ~0023532

>The warning dialog would offer the only 2 possible options:
>[ ] Imported colors are CMYK
>[ ] Imported colors are spot

Could this be made as a general option in the prefs? It could become really annoying to have to pick one of the two option at every import. Or we could add a checkbox "[ ] Apply to all further imported images."
Tooltip: This can also be set in the Preferences.


2010-03-17 14:11

manager   ~0023535

i would suggest to add an "imported" property to the colors and set it to TRUE for imported colors. one may change that value in edit > colors.

relying on the imported colors being unnamed is imo a bad design choice.


2019-09-05 09:11

manager   ~0046632

i'd like to implement it in this way:

- in the color dropdowns / lists:
  - by default only show the "own" colors (all the colors but those that have been created while importing a vector file)
  - add a an entry at the end of the list: "show imported colors"
  - when visible the imported colors are shown after the "own" colors (the "show import colors" command gets replaced by a separation line)
  - as soon as a color gets applied to an item, it's not an imported color anymore.
  - each time you open a color dropdown list the imported colors are hidden by default
- in the color lists:
  - do the same as for the dropdowns or add a checkbox for showing and hiding the imported colors
- in the "color and fills"
  - add a checkbox for showing the imported colors
  - when editing a color you can check/uncheck the "imported color" setting

is that fine to you?
am i missing somethin?

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