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0008948ScribusStylespublic2017-11-29 18:33
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Summary0008948: some ideas about numbering of tables, images and automatic lists
Descriptionsome ideas about numbering of tables, images and automatic lists
Additional InformationThis is related to 0008796, 0005975, 0008394, 0008172.



2010-03-19 13:51


Automatic text.png (230,180 bytes)   
Automatic text.png (230,180 bytes)   


2010-03-19 13:51


Lists.png (290,405 bytes)   
Lists.png (290,405 bytes)   


2010-04-23 12:11

reporter   ~0023769

So... what about this idea? I could improve it.

In this feature there would be necessary to create some function which would able to "know" where the text on page is placed. This function allow to create automatic links simply too. In Character style would be item "Add Link" which creates link frame in the position of that text. If you apply this character style, this function automatically creates text frame with preseted mode (link, link to the web...). You only double click on that and put the adress or destination. This would really spare of time.


2012-06-18 19:59

manager   ~0028199

related to TOC and variables


2017-11-29 18:33

reporter   ~0044675

Is this implemented? Looks just what I am missing now.

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