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0008997ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-05-15 22:53
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Summary0008997: Copy Page dialog should remember last used values
DescriptionFirst of all, I understand that Scribus is used for many different projects and perhaps someone would wish to have the defaults that the "Copy Page" dialog current has.

Personally, work with 40-100 paged catalogs and I often create a "skeleton" of the catalog - chapter cover pages and catalog's cover page. Then I build a "template" for products and then I copy those pages over where I need them.

Problem is that every time I run Copy Page, the default in the dialog for destination is "At the end".

Ideally, I believe the interface should remember the last value use here. If not, I think the "After page" option should be the default.

I think an arbitrary page would rarely be copied to the end of the document. A more probable would be a scenario of the last page of the document to be copied at the end, in which case, the "After page" would function exactly as "At the end".

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duplicate of 0006506 acknowledged Dialog boxes should remember their settings 
related to 0004751 new Some file dialogs use unreasonable default directories 
related to 0012493 closedcbradney "Export to Image" dialog proposes bad prefix, folder and image type 



2010-04-08 07:23

manager   ~0023652

- in my eyes, "at the end" is a sensible is a sensible default

- remembering the last choice may be a good idea

- instead of copying pages you should try to use a mixture of master pages and scrapbook elements

- import the page from an external file may also be a better choice


2010-04-08 12:03

reporter   ~0023654

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll try them out to see if they will server better than copying pages.

As far as this report goes, can we perhaps change it into feature request for the dialog to remember last used values?


2016-04-13 02:30

updater   ~0040108

This looks like a dupe of 0006506


2016-04-13 02:39

updater   ~0040109

Resolving as duplicate.

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