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0009015ScribusStylespublic2010-04-14 20:00
Reportersubeditor Assigned Tojghali  
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Product Version1.3.6 
Summary0009015: Orhpans and Widows + Keep with Next/Previous
DescriptionFeature request!

Orhpans and Widows is quite strict typographic rule, it defines how many strings of paragraph can stand "alone" on page when paragraph transferred between pages.

Keep with next/previous are VERY useful for headers and signs.

So, I suggest to add such paragraph attributes.
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duplicate of 0000132 closedjghali Widow/orphan control 



2010-04-14 12:02

administrator   ~0023687

Duplicate of issue 0000132. Please search bug tracker before submitting new bugs. A simple search for 'orphan' would have allowed you to find an already existing issue.


2010-04-14 19:48

reporter   ~0023690

I'm terribly sorry, but for search request "Orhpans and Widows" there were no results.
?pparently search engine looks for exact coincidence, not for any references. It should be fixed or at least noticed when giving results.
Sorry one more time for bothering you.


2010-04-14 20:00

administrator   ~0023691

Last edited: 2010-04-14 20:11

You didn't read what i wrote. Searching for 'orphan' return issue 132. The bug tracker is not our sofware and consequently we do not need to fix any of its problem except by keeping it up to date, which it is.

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