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0009056ScribusGeneralpublic2016-04-04 16:50
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Summary0009056: allow relative paths for images (and fonts)
Descriptioncurrently all paths in the .sla files are relative.

some work flows need relative paths:

- the .sla is placed on a stick / external disk or on a server and is edited by several people / on several computers with different mounting points
- the .sla is edited on different OSs

relative paths may be set when creating the file or in the document properties (eventually as aa default in the preferences).

if relative paths have been chosen, all the paths stored in the .sla will be relative and they cann only point to the directory where the .sla is placed or its subdirectories:
- the easiest way is to issue an error if invalid paths are selected.
- a "clean" way would be to restrict the file choosers to a "virtual" file system limited to the current directory and its directories.
- the catch all variant would allow choosing files from any place and offer to copy / move them if the location is not valid.

absolute paths should be the default choice.
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related to 0006518 acknowledged [patch] Better control for your paths 



2010-04-25 05:06

administrator   ~0023808

Also add ICC profiles.

This should be an option in Doc Setup and the Prefs, but it must be carefully documented.


2016-04-04 16:50

updater   ~0039790

ale, is this ticket still valid?

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