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0009061ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-04-24 13:02
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Platformx86OSWindows XP Prof.OS VersionSP3
Product Version1.3.6 
Summary0009061: Dialog X-positions are not saved correctly when using two screens
DescriptionWhen using a extended desktop over two screens and i have for example the property dialog moved to the second screen and closing scribus, then the X-Position of the property dialog is set to 0 when scribus is started again. The Y-position is always ok, dont matter on what screen the dialog resides when closing scribus.
As long the dialog is on the first screen, the X-position is saved and restored correctly.

This happens with all dialog windows.
Steps To Reproduce- Open scríbus
- show the property dialog
- move it to the second screen
- close scribus
- start scribus


duplicate of 0009719 confirmed Palettes/Windows position not saved after restart (or even in the same session) 



2015-11-24 01:59

updater   ~0037626

Can someone with dual monitors please test this in 1.5.1svn ? Thanks!


2015-11-24 09:20

reporter   ~0037637

What is the "property dialog"? I have a properties panel and a preferences dialog. I checked both. properties panel behaves correctly and remembers position on second monitor. preferences dialog alwas get's opened on first monitor (which is ok behaviour imho). I'm on linux, not windows though.


2015-11-24 12:09

updater   ~0037643

Yes, it seems OP means "property dialog" == Properties Panel
Thanks dogil
We need someone to check dual-monitors on Windows and OSX


2016-02-27 13:56

updater   ~0038920

Craig, jluc, do you mind testing this ?


2016-04-24 13:02

updater   ~0040438

This is a dupe of 0009719

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