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0009091ScribusGeneralpublic2010-05-11 16:17
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Platformx86, 32OSWinOS Versionwin2k
Product Version1.3.7svn 
Summary0009091: New Feature: new Info palette please.
DescriptionI would love to see the "Info" popup window (right-click menu) in its own independent palette with copy capability --copy to clipboard. For example, just getting the name of an image used in the document is kind of a difficult task right now (1.3.7svn-100507), specially if many images with similar/long names are used.
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2010-05-11 01:53

administrator   ~0023890

Wouldn't it be better to let you copy the name of the image in the "Manage Images" dialog?


2010-05-11 09:24

reporter   ~0023892

I agree with christoph_s, selectable image name/path would be enough.


2010-05-11 16:17

reporter   ~0023893

Well, that would be OK if I was able to view the information on a tabulated form (list view), and I was able to navigate using the Outline palette and see the "Manage Images" dialog updating in real time.

The Outline palette's Image tab has some of the information I constantly use, the "Page Number": but I'm unable to use it because it looses focus when I navigate using the very convenient Outline palette. It's a visual thing, human eye can easily detect change, but no much more.

My thought was that a plain text tabulated listing applet/form that listed some information --maybe user configurable, image/pdf name, page #, total pages, etc...-- would increase productivity a lot. I use a script to get the image/pdf file name, but it takes 4 clicks: not a good click rating!.

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