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0009093ScribusGeneralpublic2019-12-17 09:22
ReporterThaddeus Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platformx86, 32bitOSUbuntuOS Version9.11 & 10.04
Product Version1.3.7svn 
Summary0009093: New Features for Outline palette.
DescriptionDisplay statistics of regular expression search, such as total hits, maximum and minimum page-based counts. (0002332)

Option to hide pages with no hits.

Make it possible to override the case in-sensitiveness by the use of \x41\x42\x43 or [ABC], etc.

Show the color of the layer on the palette: color on the text of frame name, background, underline, tiny square, circle, on the tree lines, etc. (0010568)

Show Frame Attributes as additional child branch with option to hide, perhaps on its own palette, The "Attributes" Palette!
Tagsoutline_palette, regex


related to 0010568 new The Layer color on the Outline Palette, a new feature request. 
related to 0002332 new Add regular expression capability to Search/Replace 
related to 0013483 new Ability to see where in the scribus whole document one style is used 


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