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Summary0013483: Ability to see where in the scribus whole document one style is used
DescriptionMy Scribus version is 1.4.3
I am working with Scribus which is a great product for a non-profit project.

I have created a few styles to harmonize the texts, and I would need to know, while selecting one style, where it is used in the document. I haven't found this feature wyet, hope I haven't overlooked it!
There is an option to look for a text style within a text frame (Menu Edit > Search/replace), but unfortunately not within the whole document.

As a comparison, you can look for one value in an Excel sheet, and there is the option "look for the first occurrence" and "look for all occurences within the sheet / the document". The result is a list of cells having the searched value.

I wish in Scribus a menu option (e.g. Edit > Search whole document) where while selection one style in a drop-down list, the search returns
a) option first occurence : goes directly to the document page where this style is used
b) option all occurences : a list of pages where the syle is used. Clicking on one page of this result would move to this page and highlight the object of the page where the style is used.


related to 0014567 assignedale [PATCH] Search \ replace all text frames 
related to 0009093 new New Features for Outline palette. 
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2015-10-29 22:56


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2019-12-16 18:33

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i don't think that listing all matches is that useful.
the main request is being implemented in the search and replace for the whole document.


p.s.: i've linked another ticket that asks for showing the results in the outline palettes... that sounds like a usable solution to this request... so, it might be useful...


2022-03-31 20:10

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Can anyone close this issue? I would like to, but i am not allowed to (or i don't see where i could update the issue's status.
This issue can be closed since its content is covered by the issue 0014567 ( (thanks for your help here)

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