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0009120ScribusTranslationpublic2021-06-05 14:23
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Summary0009120: Term for vector objects
DescriptionI help alexandre on Scribus Russian translation now, and there is some mess in terms for me (afraid I'm not only one who get confused).
For curve lines (curves) now several words are used: curve, path, polyline and sometimes even may be outline and contour.
Term "outline" used for: document scheme, text effect, font conversion, may be some else, but that is enough to get confused.
There are several tools that produce polylines. Quite confusing too (though understandable).
So problem is not really in translation, but in unification of these terms.

1. Rename outline that is document scheme to something more specific (Doc navigator, Doc Tree, Catalog, Object manager, Object Library)
2. It would be better to combine tools that produce polylines to one tool with different modes - cause they produce similar (sometimes exact same!) objects, just in different ways.
3. Do not use "polyline" term cause it's straight definition is "broken line". Replace it with "curves" (cause polyline is particular case of Bezier curve).
4. Use term "outline" for fonts affairs (though font effect and font export mode terms concurrence may be confusing for novices).
5. Use "path" term for cases when something follows curve (text path, Clipping path for images).
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2014-07-21 00:36

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Requesting feedback on this. Is it still a valid issue?


2014-07-24 20:03

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Yes. Frankly say I see no changes at all at the first glance.


2014-08-23 12:55

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Posted to ML:


2016-05-14 04:34

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Punting to Craig and assigning to 1.6 milestone

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