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0009126ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2019-01-25 09:58
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Summary0009126: show text tab in the properties palette when getting into text edit mode
Descriptionwhen somebody get into text edit mode (and wants to write / format a text) he can't be interested in any other tab than the text one...
Tagsindigodock, lgm, mockup


related to 0015551 closedale Content Palette with Text and Image Properties 



2010-05-27 15:48

reporter   ~0023964

Last edited: 2016-04-13 02:21

has duplicate! :)
This feature should be implemented at once for all modes (and object), not only for text.


2010-05-27 16:19

administrator   ~0023965

Disagree, I want to be able to control the app, and not have it controlling me


2010-05-27 21:55

reporter   ~0023966

Doing a lot of excess clicks is "control app"? Suggested feature is automation of what user intend to do. How many times did you edit something in XYZ tab? As for me I didn't touch it since I start using Scribus except few clicks for testing.


2010-05-28 07:27

reporter   ~0023967

I disagree too. I always use the xyz tab since it is more precise than placing frames by drag and drop.

Of course the work with textframes could be improved but your sugestion wouldn't do that for everybody.


2010-05-28 08:31


textediting1.png (393,953 bytes)   
textediting1.png (393,953 bytes)   


2010-05-28 08:31


textediting2.png (358,736 bytes)   
textediting2.png (358,736 bytes)   


2010-05-28 08:33

reporter   ~0023968

Last edited: 2010-05-28 08:33

Just made two drafts.
Maybe one of this solution would fit most users?


2010-05-30 12:22

reporter   ~0023969

Last edited: 2010-05-30 12:22

Our discuss about what tab should be shown is quite useless since we have ugly properties palette. In the way it designed now it will never fit most users.
Just because density of useful information and control elements are VERY low.
Compare with Quark v 5 or 6: on it's small and narrow pallete you can control simultaneously a bunch of parameters. F.e. for text box:
 - box size
 - box position
 - number of columns
 - angle
 - flip
 - font face
 - font size
 - font effects
 - justification
 - line interval
 - tracking

And there is no need for single click to switch between these controls.
Note that Quark palette changes on selecting different objects, giving needed controls and hiding (not graying out) ones that are not applicable.

Count such density and "necessarily" clicks for Scribus.

I don't suggest to clone Quark. I suggest to surpass it!


2010-06-02 14:01

manager   ~0023970

the goal of this note is just to check if the smtp server is working...


2016-04-13 12:46

updater   ~0040114

This could most likely be done if and when indigoDock gets merged.

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