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0009215ScribusTypographypublic2019-04-19 06:24
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Summary0009215: Set underline color
DescriptionThe underline could be able to have a custom color. This way, the underline could be used as a background color for the text.


related to 0005235 new Color of text underline in outline mode better in line color ? 
related to 0012626 new Add dropdown to select a line style for underlining text 



2019-04-18 14:00

manager   ~0046133

could it be possible to use the outline color for the underline?

if that is easy to implement, i think it would be nice to have for some titles...


2019-04-19 06:24

manager   ~0046134

cfrancois dixit:

Je m'en passerais si ce n'était que moi, mais on ne décide pas toujours de la charte graphique.
Et comme inDesign permet de le faire, certains s'en donne à coeur joie.

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