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0009276ScribusUsabilitypublic2010-07-16 20:31
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PlatformIntel86x32OSWin2KOS VersionWin2K
Product Version1.3.8svn 
Summary0009276: Removing a parent's PDF-Bookmark attribute leaves all children invisible.
DescriptionOn attached file, Text Frame 222 was the bookmark parent of 333, 444 and 555, then, the PDF-Bookmark attribute of Text Frame 222 was removed and now the children Text Frames (333, 444, 555) have their PDF-Bookmark attribute ON but are invisible, orphans ?
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2010-07-16 20:12


OrphanPDFBookmarks.sla (20,977 bytes)


2010-07-16 20:31

administrator   ~0024344

Confirmed, but to clarify: The frames become invisible in the PDF Bookmark dialog, not on canvas.

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