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0009306ScribusTemplatespublic2016-05-29 03:37
Reporterale Assigned To 
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Product Version1.3.8 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0009306: deleting a custom template does not delete its files from ~/.scribus/templates/{template_name}/
Descriptionif you delete a template by
- file > new from template
- right click on a custom template
- remove

the template is removed from the list of the available templates, but it's files don't get removed from ~/.scribus/templates/{template_name}/
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2010-07-30 22:28

administrator   ~0024419

This is documented in the help in the New From Template window.. do we want this changed?


2010-07-31 12:59

administrator   ~0024420

Several template may be placed in a single directory. As a consequence, a template may reference files used by other templates or even other files which are not templates => it's not safe to delete those files


2010-07-31 13:13

manager   ~0024422

a pop up asking if the user also wants to delete the files?

or -- maybe better -- enforce the rule that each template should have its own directory. i don't think it's sane to allow cross references among templates (it may be practical and save disk space, but it's not sane :-)


2010-07-31 22:56

administrator   ~0024423

What about moving the administration of templates to the Preferences and later to a resource manager?

IMHO it should be possible to add new template resources (directories) here. Templates listed in this dialog would not be deleted but rather be tagged as available (visible in the New from Template dialog) or not. For custom templates there should also be an option to delete them, but, as ale wrote, with a warning that a template is sharing resources (images, fonts, profiles ...) with other templates.

"Save as Template" would automatically add a file/directory to the available resources.


2015-08-31 12:24

updater   ~0036130

adding to 1.6

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2015-08-31 12:24 Kunda Summary deleting a custom template does not delete its files => deleting a custom template does not delete its files from ~/.scribus/templates/{template_name}/
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