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0009320ScribusImport / Exportpublic2016-12-09 02:54
ReporterMax31 Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platform64BitOSUbuntuOS Version10.04
Product Version1.3.8 
Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0009320: Not able to export in vector mode ...
DescriptionEps & SVG are buged, a picture worth 1000 words open your eyes :
Steps To Reproducei send a .sla from the original ...

export --> eps
export --> svg



2010-08-12 06:08


Bug_Scribus.png (877,898 bytes)   
Bug_Scribus.png (877,898 bytes)   


2010-08-12 06:09


Bug sortie.sla (64,206 bytes)


2010-08-12 07:57

reporter   ~0024463

Personaly i don't care if antic propriatary EPS is bugged, don't care at all.

but PLEASE make the svg interpreting correctly the .sla ;p


2010-08-12 08:50

manager   ~0024465

scribus is made for exporting to PDF.

PS/EPS were important in the past and should still work. but you can't expect transparencies to work in a PS file! (and scribus won't flatten them for you, either).

SVG is not really an export target for Scribus, either. If you need and SVG, you should probably export from Scribus as a PDF, import the PDF into Inkscape and save from there as a SVG.


2010-08-12 09:11

reporter   ~0024466

i have problemes interpreting the pdf with inkscape, first the fonts are not very well transposed, and two, i lose all the margin.

as eps is the past, svg is the future! and it's far more interresting than pdf, because you can't import pdf as vector file with scribus...

if you don't want to correct bugs, why should i waist time to report it ?



2010-08-12 12:38

manager   ~0024467

i guess that the team can't fix every bug reported... not as soon as they are reported, at least.

i think that for functions which are not fully working (like SVG export) there should be a warning which explains in which cases the feature should be used.


2010-09-25 21:20

reporter   ~0024585

Yeah ha !! finish a 80 pages book started with scribus!

But because scribus can't export perfect svg, and make horible (and unusefull) eps, and also can't import pdf in vectors.. i was obliged to finish with... indd ...

goog luck guy's, you need it..

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