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0009394ScribusImport / Exportpublic2010-10-04 14:24
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Product Version1.3.8 
Summary0009394: Exporting individual *.sla pages from an *.sla
DescriptionI'd like to be able to export individual pages for editing from a master document. Being able to export individual pages, such as 3-8, etc. allows each department to review and edit their documents before re-importation.

Currently to export individual pages, one must delete all the others. This is cumbersome in a 30+ page document if you only need to have individual page layout editors edit a few pages, but not access the entire document.

This is not a PDF export, this is an editable *.sla document export or save as feature.
Additional InformationSave as - Pages 1.3, 8-9. Etc.
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2010-10-04 14:24

reporter   ~0024609

As I understand there are no other programs that currently have selective save as or export dialog in native format. Scribus could be the first?

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